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Resale Policies

Thank you for considering carrying Auburn Hoops in your shop! For info on how to become one of our authorized wholesalers, please email us at Below we have listed a few of our policies should you choose to sell our products. As we work to get our wholesale option up and running these policies and current pricing are subject to change. 

Hoops must be sold and marketed as Auburn Hoops. All hoops come tagged with instructions for use that will be helpful to the customer if they are unfamiliar with how Auburn Hoops function, this tag must not be removed if the hoop is being sold as a stand alone product. You may remove the tag if you are selling your art in the hoop. 

Reseller must not sell for less than retail value.

We understand you need to make a profit on your merchandise, so you are welcome to price hoops higher than retail.

Resellers may not sell Auburn Hoops items on any 3rd party website. (i.e. Amazon or Ebay)

If there are any product quality issues customers can contact Auburn Hoops directly at Please have them include where they purchased the item and the concern. Pictures are also appreciated if it applies. 

If any hoops are lost, broken, or damaged in the mail, reseller is responsible for customer support. Please package with care. Resellers must provide customer care in a timely and courteous manner. 


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All orders placed after December 9th will not be shipped until the new year. We hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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